Big Ass Engine Sounds Like a Rave DJ

This ground shaking, bone rattling engine, technically a 1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32E14, sounds like a techno DJ at the climax of his nightclub set. One of the operators even busts out a little dance move at 5:40 mark. Drop some acid and enjoy the melodic sounds of DJ Big Ass Engine!

This example, incorrectly identified as a 32D in the video, is located at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Grant's Pass, Oregon tho we could not find information on this venue online. Many of you already know Grant's Pass as the home of the crazy but loveable Blastolene Brothers. This beast was used to power irrigation equipment before being donated to the museum.

Technical Specifications:
Bore & stroke: 14" x 17"
Cylinders: 4
HP: 300
Max RPM: 300
Status: Operational