And the Award for the World's Smallest Firetruck Goes To...

The fire department in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada seems to have quite the sense of humor after creating this rascal of a firetruck. What appears to be the world's smallest firefighting vehicle is actually, as explained in the comments by the fireman who was driving, "an old people mover golf cart converted to a fire truck. It is used for parades to drive Sparky around and to drive little kids around making them feel like they are in a real truck."  He puts us all at ease by reassuring, "It is NOT a brush fire truck and will never be used to fight an actual fire."

Apparently it is popular with the neighborhood kids, and the fire crew decided to take it out on this particular expedition after a group of parents walking by the station noticed the odd little vehicle and requested they bring it out to show their kids playing just down the street.