Stolen: 1927 Pierce-Arrow Roadster, Salt Lake City

A restored Pierce-Arrow roadster was stolen from a family residence just over a month ago in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Of course the car could be anywhere by now, shipped overseas, or even parted out, so please keep a sharp eye out at your local swap meets, in the trade papers, and even car shows in the event an unwitting new buyer was suckered into a fraudulent deal. In this economy it is not unheard of for antique cars to be sold to scrap yard by thieves who wrangled them simply for the value of the metal components having no idea of the true value of the cars.

The rare car features black fenders over a red/maroon body and was fitted with a cream-colored soft top when it was stolen. It could have been repainted, but usually a quickie job in instances of theft, so the original paint colors would likely be visible in some areas. Note the unique headlight shape where it is faired into the fender for easy recognition. The car has been with the family since 1963.

If you have any info please call the local Riverton, Utah Sheriff's Department at 801-254-0167

Here's the original new story via KSL News: Classic car Stolen From Family's Shed