Space Shuttle Cockpit 3D View In HD Makes Us All Giggly Inside

Image capture via
 The sheer detail presented in this IMAX-rivaling image of the cockpit area of NASA's Discovery Orbiter (that's a "Space Shuttle" to you and I) will blow your mind into "billions and billions" of pieces.

With the recent decommissioning of the entire fleet, there isn't much need for secrecy or proprietary information on a spacecraft that was originally designed in the 1970's, albeit heavily retrofitted and updated as the decades worn on. What we do know, is that you can spend hours pretending to be Han Solo or Buck Rogers with this interactive image. The only thing better we can imagine would be sitting in the real thing, possibly moving at a high rate of speed, possibly firing laser weapons at aliens who looked at us funny.   CLICK HERE to view 3D Interactive Image


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