This Is What's Left of John Travolta's Stolen Mercedes

You may remember hearing about John Travolta's vintage Mercedes-Benz that was stolen back in September of last year. Travolta's brown 1970 280sl was left unattended for only a brief time while the actor and pilot browsed the selection of a Santa Monica, California Jaguar dealer only to find it missing when he returned. Last week Santa Monica police arrested two men they believe stole the classic Benz and further attempted to profit from the sale of it's parts.  One of the two men identified as D. L. Rayford Jr., has already been sentenced to 16-months in jail and ordered to pay Travolta $50,000 in restitution, the other suspect, Michael T. Green, remains in jail awaiting sentencing.

We aren't sure how or where the men sold the removed parts, or if they had a chance to at all, but if you purchased parts from either of these individuals, or possibly even parts for a W113 from anyone in the Santa Monica/Los Angeles area since September of 2011, you may want to verify that they don't actually belong to John Travolta (or his insurance company by this point).  Remember, the theives could have used eBay, direct sales, Craigslist, enthusiast forums, and other avenues to fence their stolen goods. Contact the Santa Monica Police Department if you have any information relating to this case.

Sadly, this is most of what remains of Travolta's once-lovely W113.

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