New "Album Cover" Car Art by Marrs

Silver Arrow #722
Accomplished automotive artist Marrs, a contributor to MotoArigato and owner of, has just introduced an incredible new series of fine art prints mainly featuring the classic automobiles of Mercedes-Benz. The new series is titled "Album Covers" and ingeniously features meticulously rendered examples of antique and classic steel in the size of, you guessed it, traditional 12-inch record album covers.  The first three in the series were unveiled today and include Stirling Moss's famous #722 Silver Arrow race car, the classic and sporty 190SL, and an elegant two-tone Ponton convertible. Completed in the artist's signature pop art style with brightly colored backgrounds and simplified lines, all while portraying elements such as chrome, glass and light in such realism that you would be hard pressed to tell tell the difference from the real thing in close-up. The artist promises to add many more prints over the coming weeks and says, "this will be my primary focus for 2012, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me."

With a background that includes working with artists as varied as Interpol to Johnny Cash's band,  Marrs describes his influence for this series, "I was lucky enough to be a part of the music business for many years and deeply cherish those memories. I wanted this new series to reflect that sense of play and excitement so I wanted to recall the tangible joy those of my generation felt when first picking up a new piece of vinyl, anxious to rush home so you could hear those first scratchy notes on your hi fi system." He added, "I've also always appreciated the car art Warhol made since most artists tend to paint or draw cars in the same settings or backgrounds, either tearing around a dirty back road with wheels straining awkwardly forward like in an old photo, or sitting airbrushed among neon signs and drive-in restaurants. There's certainly nothing wrong with those types of pieces and they certainly have their collectors, but I think car art can be elevated to Fine Art status if we pay attention to composition, quality, and especially quality of reproduction. When you create artwork that will compete for wall space in your client's homes, you must provide a product that not only looks beautiful, but will last a lifetime or more."

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