2013 Viper Revealed by Unlikely Source

Image by Marrs  www.MarrsCars.com

Hot Wheels blew the cover of the upcoming Viper (no longer a "Dodge" product) when images from it's 2012 catalog of new toy cars was leaked from a source in South America. While several sites offered grainy images, we decided to clean it up and show us a realistic image of what we can expect.

On a personal note, I find this especially funny because when I was young, my mother saw a Hot Wheels rendition of the stock car version of the first Dodge Avenger well before production images were released, and she liked the way it looked so much she told my father, "I want one of those!" so he dutifully placed an order for what was to be one of the first Avengers off the production line. Keep in mind that stock cars look very little like their real life counterparts, and toy cars sometimes less so, but she was very pleased when her sight-unseen car arrived exactly as ordered, no holes drilled for plates or dealer decals. Heck, mom has been known to refuse delivery of special ordered cars if the dealer failed to follow these instructions. I hope she sees this post.  :)