Future Aero-Trailer by Mercedes-Benz Cheats the Wind

Mercedes-Benz heavy trucks have long played an integral role in the financial successes of Daimler, without which, the coffers of the passenger car side would likely not be as full. Americans are becoming more familiar with the Sprinter, originally pitched on our shores as a Dodge/Freightliner product and now recognized widely as the vehicle of choice for the "American Picker's" boys, but the tractor trailer combo piloted by the Actros has been a roadway staple in Europe for ages. Now, with the Aero Trailer high efficiency hauler, Mercedes promises an improvement of 18% in drag reduction, which equates to about 530 gallons of fuel saved and a five-ton reduction in emissions for the driver who averages 95,000 miles on the road annually.

The Aero Trailer maintains the standard cargo box capacity and is only altered on the outside, which so happens to extend the length by about 4-feet. The Kammback addition, paired with lower, smoother side panels, give the trailer a futuristic style for the big back boxes that have remained relatively unchanged for generations.