Ernst Lieb, Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Allegedly Fired for Misuse of Company Funds

Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, was fired in a move that seemingly came out of nowhere for many of Mercedes-Benz's representatives who were scheduled to attend a national dealer's meeting in Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. 

While there has been no official word from Daimler AG yet on their decision to replace Lieb, German language business newspaper Handelsblatt alleged that Daimler dismissed the executive after he repeatedly charged the company for private expenses, which is in breach of company rules. It explained that Lieb billed the company for expenses including a remodel to his NY area home and membership fees to a golf club. The paper stated that he had been previously warned against the practice but did not say where it obtained the information. Daimler AG continues to decline to comment on the reason for Lieb’s replacement and would not provide contact information for the former CEO.

Lieb, who is 56, is also a 36-year veteran at Daimler AG and took over duries as US CEO in September 2006. Daimler issued a statement that Herbert Werner, the unit’s chief financial officer, will manage the region “until further notice."

We created an English translation of the Handelsblatt article here: "Whoever does not abide by the rules that flies. No matter how successful, no matter how loyal."  <--- How very German of them.

Lieb (L) with Daimler AG Chairman Dieter Zetsche during happier times.


  1. I respect Mercedes for their decision.

    If all companies followed this mantra, there wouldn't be nearly as much "White collar crime".

  2. The best news coming from Mercedes Germany for MBUSA.

    SEC needs also to get involved in cleaning this company for massive abuses against Mercedes buyers in USA. Mercedes Financial charge you penalty and in order to enforce it they will subtract this penalty from your regular monthly payment and report you 30 days late on your Credit report

    The Mercedes Guarantee is abused with non existing repairs too for hundreds of millions of dollars. You go with your car to the dealer for service A and when you return you will find that the invoice is over $5500. This abuse must stop now.

    Shame on you Mercedes USA and in particular Mercedes Financial


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