2012 S-Class and CLS Shooting Brake Wagon Previewed

Autoblog is revealing some just-in shots of both the 2012 S-Class next generation warhorse and the elegant CLS Shooting Brake that has been widely speculated for production. The two links feature many photos of the cars, with the S-class making laps of the Nurburgring in what appears to be cooler weather since the vehicle is draped in a rather fancy Prada-like quilted parka. This will most likely be issued via dealer boutiques as a matching garment for both car and driver.
The CLS is virtually undisguised and shows us it's curvaceous looks, with only the rear most side glass obscured to trick the uninitiated, but we all know the real car beneath is as slick as an Arkansas used car dealer.

2012 S-Class at the Nurburgring
2012 CLS Shooting Brake Unveiled