Pope Goes Green with M-Class Hybrid

Pope Benedict XVI will be the proud new owner of a greener Popemobile than his current G-class. It seems that Mercedes-Benz is equipping his Big-Pointy-Hattedness with a hybrid version based on the next M-class that will have the ability to travel up to 18.5 miles solely on battery power. That may not seem like much, but when you consider that the Vatican is approximately a half mile wide by just over a half mile long, you understand that he can have a wild night out with nary a worry.

The new Popemobile will likely again feature bullet resistant glass ("transparent armor" in industry speak) and myriad other security features. The power will come with a lithium-ion battery pack coupled with a 60-horsepower traditional fuel engine.
The Non-Poped 2012 ML
The current totally Poped-out ML