The Economy Has Affected Everyone

Poor Petra Ecclestone had to not only settle for her second choice home in Bel Air-adjacent Holmby Hills (near the PlayBoy Mansion) but she wasn't able to cough up the $150-million asking price and could only manage to scratch and save her pennies to the tune of a reported $75-million.  You may have guessed who the 22-year old's father is, F1 Big Man on Campus Bernie Ecclestone, who himself has to somehow make due with a bank account of only $4-billion, but we hope that soon things start looking up for the clan and that Petra can someday buy the home of her dreams and not have to spend every waking moment wondering where her next meal will come from... or at least how long it will take the personal chef to locate her among the 57,000 sq. ft. house.

For the record, the home was formerly the largest private residence ever built in the United States when it was new, and was a custom creation made for Aaron Spelling, Producer and Creator of every TV show you can imagine from the 1970's through the 90's and became the lonely home for his wife and her staff after his passing in 2006.

Via TMZ: Candy Spelling Unloads Mega Mansion