Fat Cat

Ever seen the sagging flap of tummy that adorns a female cat just after she's given birth to a litter of little growlers?  It would appear that Jaguar is considering inspiration from the feline form yet again, but perhaps a bit more matronly this time in the form of their new baby Jag hatchback.

Jaguar's upcoming range of cars is set to be an impressive one with everything from an XJ Coupe, a new super coupe in the form of a revised XK, and an XF wagon in the works, yet we are strangely suspicious of their latest entry into the world of nerd-cool miniaturized luxury cars.  Similar to the Lexus CT200h in overall design language and proportion, we can't help but think that this is a suitable alternative for the Toyota sourced Lexus, but are stumped when trying to locate any kind of Jaguar DNA in that junky trunk.

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