2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK Video Leaked!

Somebody working at a French marketing firm seems to have really fucked up caused a bit of controversy by leaking this undisguised footage of the 2012 SLK Roadster.  The car isn't slated for it's official debut for several months, so this is either a huge shock to the leadership at Mercedes-Benz or a pretty ingenious bit of viral marketing.

Some take-a-way's from the video:

  • The interior is very similar to the SLS AMG, which also hints that the upcoming replacement for the chart-topping SL Roadster will feature some SLS-inspired good looks.
  • The Magic Sky instantly dimmable  glass roof works like polarized sunglasses but faster.  If you've ever seen the bathroom doors at Bar 89 in SoHo, NYC, this is the same concept.
  • The car received a bit of nip & tuck and got rid of it's massive anteater schnoz.  It is now graced with a logical and beautiful face that is as square jawed as George Clooney but as welcoming as Seth Rogen's cannabis induced perma-grin.  
  • The small acrylic draft reducing paddles that you have to deploy by manually reaching behind your back, while driving presumably, to rotate over, one for each side, seems like a perfect mix of several bad ideas.  Creative yes, but I will be surprised if this setup remains unchanged before production begins.
What do you think?